About Great Plains Custom Grain

Planting Wheat

Great Plains Custom Grain employs sustainable agricultural practices and modern technology in order to maximize yield while protecting our land for future generations. Methods such as no till farming and cover crops promote soil health and moisture conservation. We always seek to minimize the application of chemicals as well as over application of nitrogen.

Great Plains Custom Grain, LLC manages your individualized grain production plan for crops that are grown by us or other local farmers.  Your individualized production plan starts with a grain variety selection, whether it’s heirloom, conventional or agronomic.  During the growing season your plan will address a range of acceptable responses to fertilizer, weed or insect issues.  After harvest, Great Plains Custom Grain can clean, warehouse and deliver your grain supply as it’s needed.  Our goal is to deliver you raw materials that exceed your expectations for flavor, overall quality and an improved yield of spirits or beer.

Great Plains Custom Grain currently has supplies of 2016 crop year soft red winter wheat, Robust 6-row barley and pearl millet. Please contact us to learn more about our capability to deliver or contract grow these grains in addition to non-GMO corn, rye, triticale, sorghum and spelt.

At Great Plains Custom Grain fall planting begins in October. Distillers seeking contracted grain would need to start working on those specifications several months before planting.

Our standard delivery options include 50 lb bags, 2,500 lb bulk bags, 2,500 lb ProBoxes and bulk truck.

Cory Johnston

Cory Johnston About

In 2014 my family purchased Hickory Creek Farm in Franklin County, Kansas. Hickory Creek Farm sits on 640 acres of gently rolling hills while the banks of Hickory Creek twist and weave through the center of the property. We farm about 400 acres with roughly 240 acres set aside for timber and wildlife conservation. Over the years I have developed a passion for the science and art of brewing craft beer. Through the happy network of friends that good beer provides, I was presented the opportunity to grow custom grains for a micro distillery in Kansas City. Good fortune also happened to put me together with Gary Van Horn, who shared my belief that we could combine our efforts to serve the needs of our local distillers and brewers.

Gary Van Horn

My family has been farming in Franklin County, Kansas for over 70 years. I am the 4th generation that has tilled and planted some of the same fields in Franklin County. In 2015 my dad and I formed Van Horn Land and Cattle, which currently farms over 3,000 acres of wheat, corn and soybeans. In addition to row crops, we annually put up over 1,000 acres of hay ground. My earliest memories are of riding in a tractor or helping dad feed the cows. As I got older, I became more and more involved in the farm. I used to tell my friends that if I could pick one job, it would be running a combine every day. When Cory Johnston approached me with the concept of growing grains for distilleries, I was immediately intrigued. I am now motivated more than ever to be the best farmer I can be.